Its time for holiday gift giving once again!  We are here to help with lots of fun Christmas ideas.  Here are our most popular holiday gift baskets. 

Christmas Sweets
Can include hot cocoa, gourmet popcorn, shortbread cookies, holiday taffy, Chocolate covered almonds, Raspberry sticks, gumdrops, and other delicious goodies.

Gourmet Goodies
Can include chips, salsa, roasted nuts, chocolate covered pretzels, caramels,  taffy, and other sweets.

Christmas Cheer
Can include an attractive mug, hot chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels or other sweets.

Popcorn Basket
Can include popcorn, soda pop, a variety of delicious movie size candies and treats.  Fun to add in a gift card, games, or movies.

All baskets can be customized by price range and selections and of course come with a variety of Holiday containers and our unique Lavish gift wrap.
 Contact us for more info.  
More gift ideas coming soon!

Holiday wrap

We have a large variety of whimsical gift wrap and ribbons to make your gift stand out from the others!

Holiday Containers

We have several different charming holiday containers for your gifts.  We also have a large selection of unique gift wrap and bows to create the most attractive gift for your loved ones this season!

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